Jen Lavallee



By interviewing and surveying users we developed personas that we used to aid our design process. We used these personas to make low fidelity prototypes then worked in balsamiq for higher fidelity mockups. As one of our designer colleagues laid out the final design, I and another colleague created the site in HTML.

download (1).png

The Original Site

The site as it stood contained many links that were dead ends, cycled back around, or did not go to the expected result.  It was not clear what actions someone could take and what was available on the site.

download (2).png

The Redesign

I along with my team delivered a working website to the business owner.  The site showed a simplier and easy to navigate website that allowed online ordering.


The Process

Starting by interviewing user types to learn typical objectives based on the type of customer that the business owner had as well as the desired customer to grow his business, the team and I then created personas to aid our design process.  Then creating low fidelity prototypes we were able to test on users to create  a final design and then build the final website.