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About Jen Lavallee


Jen Lavallee is a UX designer based in Seattle.  A “Jack of all Trades”, Jen is adept at tackling design projects of all types from IA and planning to UI design and research, as well as production design, creating final visuals and redlines for handoff to development. 


Jen originally studied photography with a concentration in graphic design, and a minor in political science.   She went back to the University of Washington to study User Centered Design in 2012.  She has worked in various design related positions from production design to UX design within companies ranging from startups to Microsoft.

Each project begins with fervor and Jen always seems to take on more than less. Her smile and wit infuse a rare collaborative approach.
— Suzanne S.

Jen is always focused on how to improve her work in a way that benefits the end customer.  She advocates for users at every part of her process. There is a desire to create both world class products and campaigns that resonate with customer and Jen focuses on providing a path towards this goal while balancing business constraints such as tight timelines and budgets. With full understanding of these demands it is important to push forward and to balance both interests in order to design the highest quality outcomes possible within timelines.  While additional time is always appreciated, Jen is quick and resourceful and can turn her attention to many things.  She hopes to work on projects where the eventual users’ goals are truly valued and products are created with them in mind. 

She is personally a pleasure to work with and professionally the type of team member that delivers amazing results. She has a diverse and deep skill set that is hard to find
— April S.

A welcoming and warm person, Jen loves variety in her work leading her to learn new things constantly.  She is supportive of colleagues and creates an atmosphere that is inclusive, challenging and enthusiastic. She is highly participative and loves a team atmosphere.    She is not concerned with personal wins but what improves the team and the end goal of the product or company. 





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