Jen Lavallee

Customer Stories

Customer Stories


Customer stories on appeared like a list page and the manager in charge of the page needed a place to send potential customers in order for them to find companies who were able to improve their business while working with F5. 


I started the quick turn redesign by looking at what we wanted the page to get across and what people wanted when they needed to access something or were looking for an applicable story.


I laid the styles out in a flat design to enable them to get a better picture of what pages made might look like.  I have had issues with this in the past, there is quite the balancing act of educating your stakeholder in to what they are looking at.  In meetings where these are presented I was sure to describe that the placeholder images and text are that, this is for looking at the page not specifics of images, color or even button styles.


Once a direction was chosen collaboratively by the team that would best suit the customer and the company We were able to implement it, while changing factors that wouldn’t or couldn’t work within the timeframe.


Once completed with the prototyping process another designer took over the visual design and production design.  The final page is displayed on the left.