Jen Lavallee




Value Appeal was a startup, which developed a tool to make it easy to learn if your home was over-assessed and allow you to easily appeal your assessment.  Users were varied from early tech adaptors to older homeowners who were not confident with online services.  Many of the latter user type did not trust that ValueAppeal was a legitimate business, thus the main goal was to give enough information to build trust.


Sign up process

The first key information we needed from people was an email associated with their home address.  Once this was gained campaigns could be spun up and we could reach out when the assessment changed.  However, when a home came back as over-assessed users believed that everyone had received that message and the service was a scam, if not over-assessed people felt no necessity to enter their email to be notified in the future. 

After user research, interviews and usability studies We found adding images from google street view, along with some information of their home increased user trust.  Adding availability to see some information about comparable sales to see how numbers were obtained as well as how many houses in your area were typically over assessed made more people willing to sign in fur future use. 

These changes created a 10% increase of registrations. 


Information Sections

Information about the company had been added to the page a bit ad hoc.  Frequently people would call customer service saying they had been looking for a half hour and couldn’t find some information.  The business wanted to maintain all the information.  I prioritized the most in demand and helpful information that customers were looking for based on previous interviews as well as data from customer service calls.  Based on this we broke up information in tabs to have users easily navigate tabs to find content.  This action decreased calls for basic information.