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20th anniversary logo

Logos are incredibly difficult.  They can represent so much in a simple way.  They look small and simple but need so much to make them balanced, unique, simple, smart, a statement, part of a history and part of a future while allowing you to display them at different sizes and in different tones. 

Approaching F5’s 20th Anniversary I was assigned to design a logo to be displayed in full color in times square while being etched in to glasses, something that will represent the companies past and future.

One designer had already taken a stab at it, the only thing that had resonated at this point was our focus on the cloud. 


I started to search for logos with numbers between google, pinterest and design books on my desk I had some unique ideas and went to sketching. 


The ideas that I preferred I started to build out in illustrator. 

Unfortunately plans change and some things are not meant to be.  We were limited in what we could display in times square and plans for glassware were scrapped due to budget concerns.  Projects don't always end how you wanted them to but it doesn't mean you cant be proud of what was produced along the way

2017-04-07 12.36.32.jpg
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