Jen Lavallee


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UW shopping app

Our task was to design a mobile app to make a pantry planner to help people plan meals based on what they had available and liked. Interviews and observation of users quickly showed us there was little user demand for the app even if consciously they liked the idea. After research and many prototyping phases we developed an application called Stream Shopper that helped people make lists quickly, find items in the store and get discounts on what they are already planning to buy.

The end product, following research and prototyping, was a mobile app named Stream Shopper designed to help people locate items that thy are already planning to buy in the massive isles of grocery stores and mega markets. Based on your shopping preferences and location in the store the app allows you to find the best offers and coupons on products you are already planning to buy and allows retailers and manufactures to advertise their products at the moment of customer decision.